Would a 22 kill a bear?

22s can kill things like bears, short of brain and spinal cord shots, the . 22 may not incapacitate the bear quickly enough.

Will a 30-06 kill a grizzly bear?

The 30–06 is the same caliber with a much stouter powder charge allowing the use of heavier bullets. It is most certainly capable of taking the biggest of Grizzly bears down with the right bullet and good bullet placement.

Will a 30/30 kill a grizzly bear?

30-30 carbine is good defense against a grizzly, here’s one fellow, with experience that would disagree with you. Back in May of 1965, Jack Turner found out that it was just the gun for him to dispatch a charging grizzly that turned out to be the largest on record at that time.

Who is the last person to see McCandless alive?

Jim Gallien

What was Chris McCandless last words?

It was discovered that he died of starvation due to his inability to cross back over an overflowing river. His last known words were written on the back of a page from a book: “I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!” The man’s name was Christopher McCandless.

How long was Chris McCandless dead before he was found?

approximately two weeks

What animal did Chris McCandless regret killing?


Why did they remove the Magic Bus?

The decision to remove the bus in coordination with the Department of Natural Resources was made out of concern for public safety, the guard said in a statement. In its current location, near Healy, Alaska, the bus has drawn people into danger of the Alaska wilderness.

Who is Chris McCandless sister?

Carine McCandless

What item does Chris McCandless make while with Franz?

Franz gave Chris McCandless a machete, a collapsible fishing pole, an arctic parka, and some other unnamed gear. The fishing pole is never mentioned again, so there is no way to know what happened to it. Chris kept the parka, and it made its way to Alaska with Chris.

How did the Magic Bus 142 get there?

The bus, a 1946 International Harvester K-5, was originally used by the city of Fairbanks to transport commuters. Around 1960, it was hauled into the wilderness by the Yutan Construction Company to house employees during the construction of a pioneer access road, according to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

What books did Chris McCandless bring with him?

Those books included “Education of a Wandering Man” by Louis L’Amour, “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau, “The Terminal Man” by Michael Crichton, “O Jerusalem” by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Leo Tolstoy, “”Family Happiness and other stories” by Leo Tolstoy, “Doctor Zchivago” by …

How long is the hike to the Magic Bus?

roughly 40 miles

Did Chris McCandless have a camera?

Chris’s Camera and Photographs Symbol Analysis. McCandless ruins his first camera by burying it in the desert, signaling his youthful foolishness. Chris’s second camera is found among his remains with five rolls of film. The pictures developed show a skinny, but happy young man, who seems to have found peace.