Which region is also called Sembulam?

Which region is also called Sembulam?

Mullai land

Who live in the mullai land?


What is the main importance of Sangam age?

The Sangam Age constitutes an important chapter in the history of South India. According to Tamil legends, there existed three Sangams (Academy of Tamil poets) in ancient Tamil Nadu popularly called Muchchangam. These Sangams flourished under the royal patronage of the Pandyas.

What are five Thinais?

The five tinais were kurinji (hilly/mountain region), palai ( parched/dry lands), mullai (pastoral tract), marutam (wet/ agricultural lands) and neital (coastal area). …

What are the five landscapes?

The five types of landscapes, based on geographical divisions — Kurinji( mountain), Mullai (forests), Neithal (sea-coast), Paalai (desert) and Marudham (farm land) — also reflect the emotions, habits and culture of each region.

What are the 4 elements of a landscape?

The 4 Elements of Landscape Design Composition

  • LINE – Lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved.
  • FORM – Forms are associated with three-dimensional objects.
  • COLOR – Color tends to be the most used (as well as over-used) element of landscape design composition.

Why Sangam age is so called?

The word ‘Sangam’ is the Tamil form of the Sanskrit ‘Sangha’ which means an association. Thus, the Sangam Age refers to the period when bulk of Tamil literature was composed by a body of Tamil scholars and poets in three successive literary gatherings called Sangam.

What is the meaning of sangham?

Sangham. Sangham (English:Society) is a 1954 Telugu drama film, produced by M. Murugan, M.

What is known as Sangam literature?

The Sangam literature (Tamil: சங்க இலக்கியம், caṅka ilakkiyam) historically known as ‘the poetry of the noble ones’ (Tamil: சான்றோர் செய்யுள், Cāṉṟōr ceyyuḷ) connotes the ancient Tamil literature and is the earliest known literature of South India.

What were the main themes of Sangam literature?

Sangam writings are possibly unique in early Indian literature, which is almost entirely religious. The poems are concerned with two main topics: those of the first five collections are on love (akam), and those of the next two are on heroism (puram), including the praise of kings and their deeds.

What is meant by Sangam age?

The Sangam Age refers to the period when most of the Tamil literature was composed by a body of Tamil scholars and poets in three successive literary gatherings called Sangam. The Sangam Age spanned from around 3rd century BC to 4th century AD.

What is the value of landscapes?

Landscape value corresponds to an attachment or emotional bond that people develop with places. There are strong cultural ties to landscapes and feelings for the visual beauty of mountains, lakes, coasts, forests, etc., which are a common bond among people or social groups of a given region.

Which city is known as Sangam city of India?

Allahabad Ilahabad

What are the three types of landscapes?

There are different types of landscape:

  • Mountain landscapes. We can see mountains, with narrow rivers, forests, villages and steep roads.
  • Flat landscapes. We can see flat land, wide rivers, farms, cities and motorways.
  • Coastal landscapes. We can see cliffs, the sea and tourist towns.

What are the five landscapes of the ancient Tamilagam?

Five landscape of ancient tamilnadu(kurinji , mullai, marutham, neythal, palai)

What is Sangam called in English?

confluence, convergence, meeting, meeting point, conflux, juncture, watersmeet.

What is Neithal?

Neithal: This thinai describes the pangs of separation of the lovers and the background location is seashore, full of sandy soil. The place is filled with ‘punnai’ trees, crocodiles and sharks. The inhabitants are the fisher folks who go deep into the sea to catch fish.

What are the important Sangam works?

The Sangam literature includes Tolkappiyam, Ettutogai, Pattuppattu, Pathinenkilkanakku, and two epics named – Silappathikaram and Manimegalai . Tolkappiyam was authored by Tolkappiyar and is considered the earliest of Tamil literary work.

Who is the God of mullai?

Lord of the Regions

Region (Tamil) Region (English) Chief God
Mullai Forest region Maayon (Lord Vishnu)
Marutham Agricultural region Indiran (Indra)
Neithal Coastal region Varunan (Varuna)
Palai Desert region Kotravai (Kali)

How old is Sangam literature?

Sangam literature, sangam also spelled cankam, chankam, or shangam, the earliest writings in the Tamil language, thought to have been produced in three chankams, or literary academies, in Madurai, India, from the 1st to the 4th century ce.

What are the three Sangams?

According to Tamil legends, there were three Sangam periods, namely Head Sangam, Middle Sangam and Last Sangam period.

What is Palai land?

It is a plantation town, which is deeply attached to the plantation of natural rubber. It also has trade in spices such as pepper, ginger etc. Indeed, before rubber became common around the middle of 20th century, Palai was noted for its spices. People of Palai are largely dependent on agriculture, particularly rubber.

What is a landscape for kids?

A landscape means an area of land as one can see it. This includes landforms, flora, fauna and human elements, for instance human activity or the built environment. According to its meaning, lighting and weather conditions are part of landscape as well.

How many landforms are there in Sangam age?

five landforms

What is tinai system?

A tinai is a landscape and genre infused with several layers of meaning and identity. The central idea of tinai is the organic linkage of time, space, landscape, and emotion.

Which place is known as Sangam?


What do u understand by landscape?

A landscape is the visible features of an area of land, its landforms, and how they integrate with natural or man-made features. The activity of modifying the visible features of an area of land is referred to as landscaping.

What are the themes of mullai?

List four themes of Mullai land God – Thirumal People – Idaiyar, Idaichiyar Occupation – Cattle rearing, gathering fruits Plants / flowers – Guava/ Mullai flower Page 8 3. What do you know about Sembulam? Mullai land is called as ‘Sembulam’ due to the presence of red soil.

What is kurinji land?

Kurinji. This was the hilly, forested terrain rich with verdant slopes, flowers, birds, bees and wildlife. It was the home of the nomads, the hunters and lovers of nature. The poems of this land abound with an energy and enthusiasm characteristic of a people who thrive in the wildness of nature.

What is Akam and Puram?

Puram (Tamil: புறம், puṟam, Lit. exterior) is one of two genres of Classical Tamil poetry. The genre dealing with poems about love affairs is called Akam (அகம்) while the other genre, called puram, concerns many subjects such as wars, kings, poets and personal virtues, besides others.