What math is on TSI?

What math is on the TSI? The TSI math exam is composed of 20 multiple-choice questions on the following topics: Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.

What happens if you do bad on a accuplacer test?

If you do poorly on the ACCUPLACER test, you will be placed in a more remedial class, meaning you will still have to work your way up to that harder class eventually. And THAT means it will take you longer to get your degree and cost you more to get it due to the extra classes you will need to take.

Is the TSI multiple choice?

The TSI is three tests in one. The Reading, Writing, and Mathematics sections each contain 20 to 24 multiple choice questions, generated by computer and adapted to each test taker’s skill level. The Writing section also assigns a short essay topic requirement following objective questions about grammatical correctness.

Do you get a formula chart on the TSI?

Does the TSI have a formula chart? No! The TSI test does not provide a list of formula that will be required to know for the test.

What is TSIA2?

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) is a series of placement tests for students enrolling in public colleges and universities in Texas. The tests help Texas schools determine whether you’re ready for college-level courses in the areas of reading, writing, and math.

What is on the math TSI?

What do you need to pass the math TSI?

TSIA2 (After Jan. 10, 2021)

  1. 950+ OR.
  2. Math Score Under 950 AND Math Diagnostic Level of 6.

How can you be exempt from TSI?

TSI Exemptions

  1. Score Exempt. Students who meet qualifying standards on the SAT, ACT or STAAR test may be eligible for an exemption.
  2. Degree Exempt.
  3. Transfer Exempt/Passed.
  4. Private/Out-of-state Transfer Exempt.
  5. Course Exempt.
  6. Veteran Exempt.
  7. Military Waiver.
  8. Certificate Waiver.

How many questions do you have to get right to pass the math TSI?


How many questions can you miss on the TSI reading?

For this section, you will have 20 multiple choice questions and several passages to read, some of which are reoccurring, so it helps to read slowly and carefully. Passing TSI Reading scores range from 351 to 390 with each question being weighted, so we are aiming to only get one to three questions incorrect.

How many times can you take TSI?

There is no limit to the number of times the TSI Assessment may be taken. However, the TSI Assessment fee of $50 must be paid each time the TSI Assessment is taken at Texas Tech University.

What happens if you fail TSI?

If you do not pass one or all parts (reading, writing and math) of the TSI Assessment, you may be required to enroll in developmental education coursework or accelerated intervention before you can enroll in a college credit course for the subject in which you did not pass.

Is the TSI exam hard?

There are many students who don’t think the TSI is hard. Some say they only studied for a couple of hours for a few days and had great scores. But then again, if you don’t get properly prepared, the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) can be challenging and pretty hard to deal with.

How long does it take to get TSI scores back?

TSI scores from a successfully completed test appointment will be available in your TCC student record within 1 business day, in most cases.

What are good TSI scores?

You are considered college ready if your score falls within the range of 350–390. If your score is 349 or lower, you may be placed in a developmental course or intervention.

How do I find my TSI scores?

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  1. How to Share and View your Individual TSI Score Report.
  2. Go to www.accuplacer.org.
  3. Select Your ACCUPLACER Score Report.
  4. Complete the Your ACCUPLACER Score Report form to find your Test Results.
  5. If your score report is found and there is an email on file, a search result will be provided.

How many questions is on the TSI?

20 questions

What is a good score on the reading accuplacer?

ACCUPLACER Scores Table 2019

Section Low Score Sufficient Score
College-Level Math 20–39 86–102
Elementary Algebra 82–108
Reading Comprehension 78–98
Sentence Skills 87–108

What score do you need to pass the TSI reading?

Before January 11, 2021

  1. Reading: 351.
  2. Mathematics: 350.
  3. Essay score of 4 and multiple choice of 340 or higher; OR multiple choice of less than 340, an ABE diagnostic level of at least 4, and essay of at least 5.