What is the holy plan of nature?

What is the holy plan of nature?

Answer. Explanation: In the poem “Lines Written in Early Spring” by William Wordsworth, “nature’s holy plan” appears to be enjoying life. As the speaker sits in a grove and ponders the plant and animal life existing there, they note that joy is present throughout all sentient beings.

Why did the poet stand long?

the poet stood for a long time because he thinks about his life as he looks down one path as far as he can see trying to see what life will be like if he walks that path. The poet in the poem ” The road Not Taken ” is thinking about which path he should choose in life .

What man has made of man what do these lines convey?

‘And much it grieved my heart to think/What man has made of man.” What do these lines convey? Answer: These lines convey the sadness of the poet who sees . how man mistreats his fellow beings.

What does lament mean?

noun. English Language Learners Definition of lament (Entry 2 of 2) formal : an expression of sorrow especially : a song or poem that expresses sorrow for someone who has died or something that is gone.

What special quality of the birds and wild flowers does the Speaker comment on?

In this poem, the speaker personifies both the wild flowers and the birds, watching them and comparing them favorably to “what man has made of man.” While “sad thoughts” have come to the speaker while sitting pensively at rest in the grove, the special quality he identifies in the wild flowers and the birds is that …

Does nature really have a holy plan what do you think it could be?

What was Nature’s holy plan? The holy plan was to design a land where humans could find spiritual joy. The birds with their fluttering feathers, the swaying flowers and the wind weathering twigs were conjured for the ‘man’ to inspire from.

What has man made of man?

“What Man has made of Man” implies that there was an expectation for Man, his behavior and his responsibility. Man, with so much power for good and for destruction has the responsibility to respect his fellow man and the environment in which he lives.

Which Flowers did the poet see in the Bower What did the flowers have in common?

The primrose and periwinkle are therefore symbolic of an innocent and happier state of existence; Wordsworth talks, for instance, about the flowers “enjoy[ing] the air [they] breathe.” (11) On that note, it’s perhaps significant that the poem specifically takes place in “early” spring, and that the primrose is in fact …

Why does the old pensioner lament?

Ans: The poem “The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner “ is the poet’s dissatisfaction. He is old now. Firstly he laments for the loss of his youth and power. Secondly, he is also angry with the time because the time has changed from a handsome young man to a retired older man.

How did Nature link itself to the speaker?

Answer: As the speaker sits in nature, he becomes intricately linked to the spirit of all it links together. Through this connection, he is suddenly grieved to “think / What man has made of man.” In this…

How is the poet of the poem Lines Written in Early Spring?

‘Lines Written in Early Spring’ is written in quatrains rhyming abab; the metre is iambic tetrameter. And the poem should be read in the context of Wordsworth’s other poems from this time. Bring sad thoughts to the mind. In summary, Wordsworth sits in a small woodland grove and listens to the birdsong around him.

Why do speakers lament?

Answer: The speaker laments the loss of his vigorous youth, his friends, and lovers. When he was young, he used to sit by the fire with his friend and talk about love and politics. Now, he has become like a broken tree.

Why is the speaker sad in the lines written in early spring?

Why does the poet feel sad while reclining in the grove in “Lines Written in Early Spring”? While reclining in a beautiful natural grove, the speaker feels sad because he contemplates and contrasts the sweetness of this lovely scene to what “man has made of man.” By this phrase, he means…

What makes the poet lament?

Answer. Answer: The poet laments the conditions of a man that has man keeps fighting with man and has no peace and stays busy in his monotaneus shedule and does not use his leisure time for gazing at nature..

Why does the poet lament in the poem Lines Written in Early Spring?

The poet feels sad about the relationship between man and man. Nature is linked to all the souls of human beings. The poet feels sad thoughts while enjoying the beauty of nature. Nature is a beautiful Holy plan of God.

What type of poem is Lines written in early spring?

landscape poem

Why does the poet lament at the condition of man?

Answer: The poet laments the condition of a man that man keeps fighting with man and has no peace and stays busy in his monotaneous shedule and does not use his leisure time for gazing at nature.

Why does the poet feel sorry?

The poet is feeling sorry because he could not travel both the roads. The mood of the poet is regretful and thoughtful.

What man has made of man figure of speech?

So our analysis shows that when Wordsworth uses the words, “What man has made of man,” he is referring to the works of Man, which are negative actions such as wars, producing sorrow and conflict, in contrast with the works of Nature–positive creations such as flowers and birdsong, which produce beauty and happiness.

Have I not reason lament what man has made of man reference to context?

Context: William Wordsworth was inspired by a small woodland grove, a landscape of beauty. He came upon this spot when walking near Alford village. Explanation: William Wordsworth derived extreme pleasure listening to the songs of birds and voiceless communication of joy between plants, twigs and flowers.

Who is being equated with nature in this poem?

Answer: Man is being equated with nature in this poem. The poet is comparing man with nature. The poet feels everything is perfectly beautiful and good in nature; but in man’s world only evil reigns.

How does the poet describe the mood of the birds?

Answer – The poet describes the mood of the birds as joyful which made him feel pleasure. The birds played and hopped but it was hard for poet to measure their thoughts. But at last the motion was a thing which was giving a thrilling pleasure.

What is the meaning of I sate reclined?

Answer: ‘I state reclined’ means that the poet wants to be in a lean, resting and comfortable position. Explanation: The above lines written by Wordsworth reflect the poet’s expression in which nature is assumed as a personality and a divine spirit, permeating every object.

Who is the poet of the poem Lines Written in Early Spring ‘?

William Wordsworth

What is the central idea of the poem Lines Written in Early Spring?

In “Lines Written in Early Spring”, nature and mankind are linked but stand for contrasting modes of being. “Tintern Abbey” works its way through self-doubt to a triumphant resolution. “Lines Written in Early Spring” leaves the situation unresolved.