What is the conflict in the frame story?

What is the conflict in the frame story?

What is the conflict in the frame story? between Smiley and the stranger between the narrator and Wheeler. The conflict in the frame story about jumping frogs is: between the narrator and Wheeler. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What is the prize for the best tale?

To paraphrase, the innkeeper says: travelers, listen to my proposal. I propose that each one of you tell two stories on the way to Canterbury to help pass the time, and then two stories on the way back. Whoever has the most interesting or funny story will win a free dinner paid for by all of us.

What is the basic plot of the frame story?

The inciting incident, the conflict, in the plot is Jim Smiley making a bet with his “celebrated jumping frog.” The rising action creates suspense for the reader when the challenger fills the frog with buckshot (little metal balls) in order to keep the frog from jumping.

Who is the first Kannada poet?

Adikavi Pampa

What is a benefit of the frame narrative Brainly?

Explanation: The principle advantage of the frame narrative is to recount to a story (regardless of whether it be the whole of the book or individual stories all through) utilizing the voice of a particular character who exists outside the limits of the story.

Which part of the story is from the frame narrative?

FRAME NARRATIVE: A story within a story, within sometimes yet another story, as in, for example, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. As in Mary Shelley’s work, the form echoes in structure the thematic search in the story for something deep, dark, and secret at the heart of the narrative.

What is the best Canterbury Tales story?

1. The Miller’s Tale. Perhaps the most famous – and best-loved – of all of the tales in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, ‘The Miller’s Tale’ is told as a comic corrective following the sonorous seriousness of the Knight’s tale.

Who is Kannada father?

B. M. Srikantaiah

Which is the longest tale in Canterbury Tales?

The Tale of Melibee

Who is father of prose?

William Tyndale

Who is the father of Sanskrit?


Who is the father of Karnataka inscription?

Purandara Dasa

Which is the oldest inscription?

Halmidi inscription

Why is The Canterbury Tales so important?

The Canterbury Tales is considered Chaucer’s masterpiece and is among the most important works of medieval literature for many reasons besides its poetic power and entertainment value, notably its depiction of the different social classes of the 14th century CE as well as clothing worn, pastimes enjoyed, and language/ …

Why is Chaucer called the father of English poetry?

Geoffrey Chaucer is called the father of English literature because he was the first to write what became generally well-known and recognized poems and stories in the language of the common people of his time – medieval English.

Which is the first Kannada inscription?

The first written record in Kannada traced to Ashoka’s Brahmagiri edict dating back to around 250 AD, Tagarthi inscription dates back to 350 AD, Nishadi Inscription of 400 AD of Chandragiri hill (Shravanabelagola), Halmidi inscription of 5th century AD and Aihole inscriptions are very important in the history of …

What is the main frame story of The Canterbury Tales quizlet?

a story that contains other stories / a group of people with varied backgrounds and jobs and beliefs joined in a common quest: a pilgrimage from London to the Shrine of St Thomas a Becket in Canterbury (that’s the frame story). During their pilgrimage, the travelers tell each other stories (the tales).

How do you start a frame story?

Some of the tips for writing a frame story I’ve picked up along my journey are:

  1. Firm up the themes.
  2. Find ways to fuse the frame and the inner stories together.
  3. Form a plan for keeping voices distinct.
  4. Plot all the timelines.
  5. Pull it all apart.
  6. Read some narrative frame stories.

Who is father of grammar?

Lindley Murray

Who wrote The Canterbury Tales?

Geoffrey Chaucer

What does a lad of fire mean?

Driven, motivated, fearless

Who invented Kannada alphabets?

According to state encyclopaedia Karnataka Kannada Vishaya Vishwakosha released by the University of Mysore in 1979, the quest to invent the Kannada keyboard began in October 1933. It continued after Independence, mainly during chief minister Kengal Hanumanthaiah’s stint in the 1950s, who encouraged the efforts.

Which is the first Sanskrit inscription in Karnataka?

1. The Halmidi inscription is the oldest known Kannada language inscription in the Kannada language.

What is the point of a frame story?

The frame story leads readers from a first story into one or more other stories within it. The frame story may also be used to inform readers about aspects of the secondary narrative(s) that may otherwise be hard to understand. This should not be confused with narrative structure or character personality change.

Why is the framing of a story important?

Framing helps you develop both your brand character and your leadership characters in an engaging way. Characters are essential when you are telling a story. Visual storytelling is all about the examples you create. Characters are a great way to create a human connection that people can connect with.

Is The Canterbury Tales a frame story?

Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is a frame narrative, a tale in which a larger story contains, or frames, many other stories. Chaucer uses the General Prologue to introduce the pilgrims, who are our storytellers, and the storytelling contest, which provides a circumstance for the tales.