What is a 2.0 GPA?

A 2.0 GPA means that you have a solid C average across all of your classes. This GPA is essentially the unofficial cut off point for how low your GPA can be in order to get into college. You have a low chance of getting into with a 2.0 GPA.

What is S NS UW?

S/NS (Satisfactory/Non Satisfactory) is an optional way for a UW course to be graded pass/fail. When you take a course S/NS, your grade is converted to an S if you earn at least a 2.0 or an NS if your grade is below 2.0. If you earn an NS, you do not receive credit for the course.

How do you get a 2.0 GPA?

The national average for a GPA is around 3.0 and a 2.0 GPA puts you below that average. A 2.0 GPA means that you’ve gotten only C-s and D+s in your high school classes so far. Since this GPA is significantly below a 2.0, it will make things very difficult for you in the college application process.

What is a 75 in GPA on a 4.0 scale?

How to Convert Your GPA to a 4.0 Scale

Letter Grade Percent Grade 4.0 Scale
B- 80-82 2.7
C+ 77-79 2.3
C 73-76 2.0
C- 70-72 1.7

What GPA do you need to transfer to UW?

To have a shot at transferring into UW-Seattle, you should have a current GPA of at least 3.8 – ideally you’re GPA will be around 3.95. In addition, you will need to submit standardized test scores.

What application does UW use?

How will it work at the UW for freshman applicants? The UW is a single application school: The Coalition application is the UW’s only application for freshman applicants as of autumn 2018. U.S. and international freshmen use the same application. The UW specific application for autumn opens September 1 each year.

Is UW Bothell hard to get into?

UW Bothell admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 74%. Students that get into UW Bothell have an average SAT score between 1020-1260 or an average ACT score of 19-28. The regular admissions application deadline for UW Bothell is January 15.

How do I find my UW ID number?

To obtain a UW NetID, you will need your UW ID number. Your ID number can be found on the Application Status page of your online application.

Does UW need mid year report?

Do not mail high school transcripts or mid-year school reports to the Office of Admissions. If you have your transcripts stored in the Coalition Locker, you must attach them to your UW application.

How do I find my UW email?

You can access your UW Google email and all other UW Google Apps services by going directly to mail.google.com and logging in with [email protected] as your username. You may also configure UW Google Apps Email on just about any desktop email program or mobile device using instructions provided by Google.

How long does it take to hear back from University of Washington?

4-6 weeks

Is 2.0 a passing grade?

A 2.0 GPA is a full point under the national average, which is a 3.0 GPA. That’s not considered very good, but it isn’t as condemning as a GPA in the 1.0–1.9 range. If you work consistently, you should be able to pull it up above a 3.0.

What is a 75 out of 100 grade?

Letter Grade Percentage Range Mid-Range
A+ 90% to 100% 95%
A 80% to 89% 85%
B+ 75% to 79% 77.5%
B 70% to 74% 72.5%

How do I check my UW admission status?

Already have your UW NetID? Check your application status on MyUW. Then, click on “View your Freshman application status”.

How do I check my UW application status?

To check your application status:

  1. Visit the MyUW student portal and log in.
  2. Click on the Student Center link located on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Any outstanding materials will be noted under “Tasks” on the “To Do List” in your MyUW Student Center.