What does et ux mean on a deed?

What does et ux mean on a deed?

and wife

What does Etvir mean on a deed?

Et vir is a Latin phrase meaning “and husband”. It is used in legal literature to indicate a couple comprising an identified woman and her otherwise unidentified husband. The U.S. Supreme Court case Troxel et vir v. Granville is an example of modern legal usage of the Latin phrase.

What does C et al mean?

A: “Et al.” is a Latin phrase meaning “and others.” it is used by lawyers to indicate that the name listed is not an exhaustive list of persons affected by the legal document.28

How do you cite something in CSE with no author?

For books with no identifiable author or editor, substitute the title for the author. Begin the in-text reference with the first few words of the title, followed by “…”. Use only as many words as are necessary to distinguish the book from the other titles you are listing.19

How do you in-text cite multiple sources in one sentence APA?

Separate the citations with semicolons. Arrange two or more works by the same authors (in the same order) by year of publication. Place in-press citations last. Give the authors’ surnames once; for each subsequent work, give only the date.

How do you write CSE?

CSE Paper Format

  1. Add a header after the cover page.
  2. Double space the entire paper and use 1 inch margins.
  3. If you use sections like “Abstract, Introduction, Discussions”, center the section title on the page.
  4. Start your “End References” section on a new page.

Do you need to cite the same source multiple times apa?

Although it may not be necessary to repeat the full in-text citation for the paraphrase in each sentence, it is still necessary to begin subsequent paragraphs with a full in-text citation (APA, 2020, p. 270).25

How do you in-text cite 4 authors in APA?

Specifically, articles with one or two authors include all names in every in-text citation; articles with three, four, or five authors include all names in the first in-text citation but are abbreviated to the first author name plus et al.3

How do you cite multiple years in APA?

When citing a multi-volume work that has been published over the course of a number of years, use the date range as the publication date in both the in text citation and reference list: (Smith, 1999-2006).

What does et al mean in psychology?

and others

How do you cite two authors in APA?

APA in-text citations with multiple authors If a work has two authors, separate their names with an ampersand (&) in a parenthetical citation or “and” in a narrative citation. If there are three or more authors, only include the first author’s last name followed by “et al.”, meaning “and others”.4

How do you cite two sources in one sentence in CSE?

Multiple works by different authors If you are citing several sources at once, list them in chronological order, or alphabetically if two or more works were published in the same year, and separate each one with a semicolon: … (Samson 1963; Carter and Bowles 1975; Grimes 1975; Anderson et al. 1992).

Can I use et al in a greeting?

The use of et al. is not standard in greetings, so people will stumble over it, wondering whether they missed an important new rule somewhere. Writers using the unusual greeting will worry about how to punctuate after it, and their readers will spend time questioning whatever punctuation choice the writers make.

What does et al mean quizlet?

Means “and others” What does the term “et al” mean? “et al” is used when… Used for in-text citations of research papers having many authors. You just studied 32 terms!

How do you write italic et al?

Latin and italics: “et al.” is not italicized or underlined (van Leunen, p. 27: “Write it without either underlining or italics.”; Chicago Manual of Style 7.56: “Commonly used Latin words and abbreviations should not be italicized.

What does ET mean?

Eastern Time

How do you cite the same author in the same work different year in APA?

For references with the same author and year, the references are arranged alphabetically by title (ignoring “A” or “The”). Lower case letters (a, b, c) are added immediately after the year within parentheses.

What does et al mean on a property deed?

ownership interest

How do you cite multiple sources in one sentence?

Cite multiple sources in one reference

  1. Two or more works in parentheses. Arrange by order of the reference list; use a semicolon between works:
  2. Two or more works by the same author(s) Don’t repeat name(s), earliest year first:
  3. Secondary reference. Only the secondary reference goes in the reference list:

How do you use et al?

“Et al.” is short for the Latin term “et alia,” meaning “and others.” It is used in academic citations when referring to a source with multiple authors: Hulme et al….This is because the term is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “et alia”—the period indicates that it is an abbreviation:

  1. et al.
  2. et. al.
  3. et. al.
  4. et al.

What is the legal meaning of et al?

(et-ahl Abbreviation for the Latin phrase “et alia,” meaning “and others.” This is commonly used in shortening the name of a court case, so that instead of listing all the plaintiffs or defendants, one of them will be listed followed by the term “et al.”

How do you in text cite three authors in APA?

Citing Works With Three or More Authors Include only the last name of the first author, followed by “et al.” and the year published in all narrative and parenthetical citations APA. Note: The reference entry should list the names of up to 20 authors.

Is there a comma before et al in APA?

A full and official description of APA style formatting can be found here. When an author’s name is cited in-text, put the date of the citation in parentheses. When there are six or more authors, use only the first author’s name and et al, placing a comma before the date.