Some problems that customers have with freelancers

Anyone who feels like to become a freelancer should know that freelancing is a very serious job that demands full self-feedback. Freelancers devote as much working time and effort to their work as if they worked at the office.

If all freelancers understood the importance of remote work, freelancing would become a respected and accepted profession. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of deserved respect, freelancers are perceived as a cheap alternative to permanent employees. They are called “inferior people” or risk categories.

Partially such attitude arises because of problems which freelancers create for themselves and customers.

Why freelancers do not receive due respect

Often remote workers do not fulfil their obligations because they take their work for granted. They allow household and personal problems, and also other concerns to interfere with work and disrupt the work plan. Not only the professional reputation of a freelancer is under threat, but the customer also suffers. The customer doubts and disappointed and the next time when he hires a freelancer, he establishes very strict timeframes and conditions of work. In spite of all the problems listed, use the essay writing service anyway.

Man of moods

Freelancers sometimes allow mood to influence their work. If everything is in order and they are happy, the work is done on time. If not, the client can only wait and pray for his project. Delays are very common in the freelance environment. Some freelancers can mess around the whole day. They often disrupt the timing and delay the delivery of the project.

When they finally finish their work, the quality of the work suffers. If your bad mood affects your job, for the sake of your clients, look for another job, not freelancing!

You undertake more commitments than you can fulfil

It is fascinating to negotiate on several projects at the same time. You are excited, start counting income, but when you finally get to work, the sad reality comes. There is too much work, limited time, demanding customers. Your work turns into chaos. You can lie, apologize, try hard to please everyone. Quality suffers, customers complain, your feelings are hurt, and you are so worried.

Ignoring of timeframes

This is probably the most serious mistake freelancers make.

Ignoring the timeframes established by the customer means, that a freelancer is either not serious about the business, or too proud to monitor the fulfilment of the conditions of the assignment. If a freelancer is a professional, he will carefully read each item and fulfil every customer requirement. However, due to the fact that freelancers are constantly in a hurry, they do not always delve into the requirements and do not hesitate to get down to work. As a result, the final result is far from what the client wanted. Naturally, the customer will require to correct errors, and freelancers have to spend more time on the project, to the detriment of the rest of the projects.

Qualitative examples, poor quality work!

Qualitative examples, poor quality work! This problem is faced by many customers “The freelancer sent me excellent examples of work, but when I finally got the job, its quality was much worse than what I saw in the examples.”

Often, to convince the client to entrust the project, freelancers show the best work. But often freelancers pass projects to other performers. Problems arise when the work that another freelancer has done for you does not meet the customer’s expectations. The client thinks that he was deceived and the freelancer no longer receives any orders.

Late message

Sometimes freelancers don’t check for updates or new emails, do not respond in time to customer emails. When a freelancer does not check incoming correspondence, he will not only annoy existing customers but will miss new opportunities. In fact, freelancers should go one step further and check the spam folder. In fact, freelancers should go one step further and check the spam folder. Sometimes clients who turn to a freelancer for the first time can easily get into the basket.


If you are using a platform like Elance or oDesk, check up, that the account of a stock exchange has been connected with the basic e-mail address. Thus, you will not need to check your account on the site very often and you will not miss important messages and notifications. Take care to respond to customers as quickly as possible. Don’t make them wait, if you do not want to wait for payment.