How do I manually distribute a podcast?

How do I manually distribute a podcast?

If you’d like to manually distribute to Spotify yourself, or if you already have, you’ll need to add your Spotify listing in your Anchor account. It is a quick and easy process! Adding your Spotify show link to your Anchor account makes it easy to share your podcast and get it heard by even more listeners.

Does anchor own my podcast?

Non-exclusive: We are not giving ourselves ownership of your content. You own the content and are free to put it anywhere you choose at any time. Moreover, you can choose if, where, and how to monetize your podcast, on Anchor or anywhere else.

How do I monetize my podcast?

How To Monetize A Podcast Directly

  1. Ask for donations. The simplest way to monetize a podcast is to ask people for money.
  2. Create paid membership tiers.
  3. Sell sponsorships or ads.
  4. Join an advertising network.
  5. Sell premium episodes.
  6. Gate your back catalog.
  7. Sell repurposed content.
  8. Syndicate your show to YouTube.

How long does it take anchor to distribute?

Published episodes will be immediately available on Anchor. Other listening apps will reflect any changes to your podcast (including new episodes) within 24 hours. If it’s taking an unusually long time to appear, contact us and help will be on the way!

How much money do you make on anchor?

It’s $15 CPM, which is a little low. In podcasting terms, CPM means “per 1000″ downloads”. These downloads are on a per-episode basis too.

When should I monetize my podcast?

You can start fairly early on, although I will say for those of you just starting your podcast now, especially the new students who are in Power-Up Podcasting, if you’re listening to this, it’s my brand new course, you won’t be able to do it very easily until you are about six to eight weeks in, because advertisers are …

How many words is a 15 minute podcast?

2000 words

How do you know if a podcast is successful?

Download numbers are one of the most obvious metrics for measuring the success of your podcast. Download stats are immediately accessible to you, from the minute you launch your first episode. Watching the numbers climb can be rewarding. Some might even say addictive.

What is the best day to launch a podcast?

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday tend to see more downloads than Thursday and Friday, and Saturday and Sunday drop significantly in terms of downloads. In order to maximize your time on the new and noteworthy section, it makes sense to launch at the start of a week.

How many words is a 10 minute podcast?

The general rule for speech giving is 100 to 200 words per minute. With this in mind, a 10-minute speech would require 1,000 to 2,000 words.

Does anchor automatically upload to Spotify?

Once you’ve submitted your podcast for distribution, it may take up to 24 hours for your podcast to be available on Spotify. After that, all episodes you publish through Anchor will automatically appear on Spotify in approximately 24 hours as well!

How do I get my podcasts noticed?

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Build an email list or outreach list before your podcast launches.
  2. Record 3-5 podcast episodes before you launch.
  3. Pick a launch date.
  4. Create assets like images, clips, and shareable quotes.
  5. Launch day!
  6. Message your list to ask them to listen and review.
  7. Keep publishing new episodes consistently.

How do you distribute Anchor podcast?

With Anchor, all you need to do is select the button that says “Distribute my podcast everywhere.” We’ll automatically submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Overcast, and Pocket Casts. That’s it!

Who is the richest podcaster?

Richest Podcasters In The World

  • Joe Rogan Net Worth: $100 million.
  • Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark Net Worth: $10 million.
  • Dave Ramsey Net Worth: $200 million.
  • Dax Shepard Net Worth: $40 million.
  • Bill Simmons Net Worth: $200 million.
  • Marc Maron Net Worth: $4 million.
  • Chapo Trap House Net Worth: $1 million.
  • Ira Glass Net Worth: $5 million.

Where should I distribute my podcast?

  1. Top Podcast Directories. iTunes / Apple Podcasts. Spotify. Google Podcasts. Stitcher. TuneIn.
  2. More Podcast Directories. Spreaker. Google Play Music. Blubrry. Digital Podcast. iPodder. Podcasts.Alltop.
  3. Additional Podcast Distribution. YouTube. Facebook. Soundcloud.

How long does it take for Anchor to distribute podcast?

We’re subject to their timeline and policies, so once you’ve submitted your podcast for distribution, it may take up to 10 days for your podcast to be listed on Apple Podcasts. After that, all episodes you publish through Anchor will automatically appear on Apple Podcasts in just a few hours.

What’s the catch with anchor?

While most podcasting platforms charge money to host and distribute your show, Anchor is 100% free for everyone. Here’s why. Anchor’s mission is to provide easy and powerful podcasting tools for everyone. Because of this, our platform is completely free—no hosting fees, trial periods, or paywalls.

Is there any money in podcasting?

Sponsorships are the most common way podcasters make money. This is when the podcast promotes the sponsor during the show. You probably hear your favorite shows plug their advertisers a few times in every episode. Rates range from $18 to $50 CPM, though hugely popular podcasts can pull in a lot more.

Should I let anchor distribute my podcast?

Your rights: Anchor is fine, if unusual All podcasting platforms need some rights over what you upload to them. For example, they all claim the right to make copies of what you upload for backup purposes. That’s good and welcome, as the alternative would be no backups, and that’s never a good idea.

What app can record podcasts?

Spreaker Studio

What should I talk about on my first podcast?

5 Ideas For Your First Podcast Show

  • #1: Your Thoughts. You can create an entire podcast revolving around your thoughts.
  • #2: Interview The Experts.
  • #3: Answer Audience’s Questions.
  • #4: Your Blog Posts.
  • #5: Something You Enjoy Talking About.
  • Audio Matters.
  • Promote Your Landing Page In Each Podcast Episode.
  • Get Started Now.

How do I distribute my Spotify podcast?

How To Submit A Podcast To Spotify

  1. Verify your podcast meets Spotify’s requirements.
  2. Create a Spotify account.
  3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Enter your RSS feed link.
  5. Verify you own the podcast.
  6. Enter details about your podcast.
  7. Review and submit your podcast.