Does Durham accept EPQ?

Durham University sees the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as a valuable addition to A-levels or alternative post-16 qualifications.

Should I drop EPQ?

Absolutely no need to four A levels and a EPQ in my opinion – can result in lower overall grades due to having to spread time out so much. Depending on likely universities that she is applying to consider dropping either the fourth A level or EPQ. Vast majority of offers are based on three A levels only.

Is EPQ a waste of time?

The EPQ is a self-motivated project that carries the same Ucas points as an AS level, and is increasingly popular with students – over 30,000 did it in 2013. Josh Heath, who has also done an EPQ, says: “For the most part it was a waste of time.”

Is there a word limit for EPQ?

The EPQ is a research project of 5000 words. A student can include the production of an artefact, or event if they wish and reduce the word count to a minimum of 1000 words. Students must also present the finding of their work to an audience of their peers.

Is 4 A levels and an EPQ too much?

EPQ is good and well regarded, as it allows you to research deeper into a field that interests you. However, it is far from necessary. The workload of 4 A Levels, especially the ones you have picked, is incredibly high, so if you aren’t going to do 4, I would recommend against doing an EPQ.

What is a good EPQ score?

Intermediate (1250-2500 EPQ) Advanced (2500-3750 EPQ) Expert (3750-4250 EPQ) Elite (4250-4750 EPQ)

Can EPQ lower entry requirements?

You will only receive an offer if your A-Level predicted grades meet our minimum thresholds and are in relevant subjects. Taking an EPQ will not compensate for any shortfall against our minimum A-Level requirements. If successful, we may make you a lower A-Level offer based on your achieved grade in your EPQ.

How many A4 pages is 500 words?

2 pages

How many A4 pages is 1000 words?

four pages

What is an EPQ worth UCAS points?

28 UCAS points

Can you do EPQ year 13?

There’s no set time limit for doing an EPQ, but most students use the summer vacation at the end of Year 12 to do the preliminary research and then complete the project in the early part of Year 13.

How long does it take to do an EPQ?

around 120 hours

Is Extended project an A level?

An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a qualification taken by some students in England and Wales, which is equivalent to 50% of an A level. They are part of level three of the National Qualifications Framework.

How do you get full marks in EPQ?

How to Write a Good A-level EPQ

  1. Plan and organise your time. The project is almost completely independent work with the occasional check in from a teacher to make sure that you’re on track.
  2. Choose your area of interest.
  3. Think well before selecting a topic.
  4. Keep a log of everything you do.
  5. Take your time when writing.